Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the rejuvination of fall.....

There is something about fall that is so refreshing......I am much more "awake" and full of energy when I wake up to the wonderful cool breeze that drifts across my cheeks in the morning. (or could it be the overzealous monkeys jumping on our bed?) The morning routine of waking up to anxious boys desperate to get outside has been replaced with a calmer interest in staying cozy and sipping some hot honey milk by the fire....a routine that shows no protest on my end. The fact that I am able to sit down in a comfy chair and actually take time to enjoy my morning cuppa' is a very welcome change. If there is ever a time where I feel a sense of renewal, it is now. Cool brisk air, changing leaves, baking bread, going apple picking, lighting fires........just some of the ingredients that make for a perfect season. I am in heaven.

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